Our quality

Interhome Quality checkAt Interhome we operate a strict star rating system which means that you can be confident that the accommodation you book will be of the standard as you expect. Our service teams carry out regular checks on our properties and any changes are updated. Our star rating system enables you to book our properties with confidence no matter what kind of holiday accommodation or which holiday destination you choose.

Luxury furnishings
Unique and exquisite with the highest possible standards of both furnishings and luxuries. Set in wonderful surroundings. Suitable for guests requiring the very best in both quality and luxury.

Top quality furnishings ★★★★
Very nice, high quality, often with many extra luxuries. Ideal for guests who want comfort and quality.

Comfortable furnishings ★★★
Comfortable and tasteful. Above average standard. Ideal for guests who enjoy a nice, comfortable holiday home.

Basic furnishings ★★
Average standard with practical furnishings usually in local style. Ideal for guests who do not require a great deal of home comfort.

Simple furnishings
Very modest with little comfort. Mostly with older furnishings. Ideal for guests who are on a tight budget looking for a bargain.