Interhome boosts Scandinavian offer with DanCenter deal – 10,000 new properties

Switzerland-based Interhome – Europe's leading provider of holiday homes and apartments – has entered into a cooperation deal with Scandinavian specialist DanCenter. The agreement will see Interhome offering 10,000 properties in Norway and Sweden for the first time, while also expanding its product portfolio in Denmark.

Through its new partnership with DanCenter, Interhome will for the first time be able to offer holiday properties in Norway and Sweden while at the same time increasing its range of accommodation in Denmark. DanCenter's portfolio comprises some 10,000 properties (including Danland holiday parks) in the three Scandinavian countries and Germany, all of which are now also bookable through Interhome. In return, DanCenter is authorized to distribute worldwide the more than 32,000 properties of Interhome.

Thomas Kirchhofer, Interhome Head of Purchasing, said: "This cooperation deal represents for us a win-win situation. On the one hand, Interhome can now offer an even more attractive choice of holiday accommodation for families, including properties such as houseboats and innovative design houses. On the other we will be able to improve our international distribution through a strong Scandinavian partner. This includes the addition of Denmark as a new source market."

DanCenter CEO Steen Seitner cites Interhome as an "outstanding partner whose entrepreneurial philosophy is very similar to that of DanCenter." Both companies offer the same high degree of quality, be that in the superior selection of holiday properties or in the commitment to customer care.

Interhome has been specializing in the holiday homes market for 47 years, and DanCenter for 55 years.